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About Spud Lane Studios

With a love of creativity and culture, we are all about bringing lives to art...

Relaxed boho vibeRelaxed boho vibe
Coffee zoneCoffee zone
Take a pewTake a pew

Situated next to the Big Potato at the Back of the SHAC, Spud Lane Studios offers a plethora of creative choices for you to immerse yourself in. 

Adding to the growing creative vibe of the SHAC (Southern Highlands Artisans Collective), artist Ric Abel and web guru Cat Doyle have teamed up to form their own brand of inventive adventure.

Whether it's painting or drawing workshops, trying your hand at life drawing, viewing art in our studio exhibitions, or throwing yourself whole-heartedly into our live music nights, it all happens in our shabby-chic boho studio hidden at the back of the SHAC where we allow creativity to flow with a little warmth-infused craziness.

We would love for you to become part of the creative journey that is taking place in the beautiful scenic region of Robertson, Southern Highlands. Join our mailing list to stay up to date on what's coming up at Spud Lane Studios.