all about Cat Doyle

Artist, Pragmatist

Cat Doyle is a self-taught artist (with amazing mentors). An avid photographer and an enthusiastic visitor to art galleries in London and Europe throughout university and beyond; she was always known as "the artist in the family". But she didn't seriously take up her own painting practice until 5 years ago when she started furiously attending classes and putting what she learnt into practice.

Involved with the SHAC from the very beginning, Cat had her first solo show: Ode to Poetry in the SHAC's Annex Gallery in March 2021, and has recently completed a 10 month stint as Gallery Manager. Having stepped back to focus on her own painting practice, she is now usually found in her sunny studio at Spud Lane Studios which she co-founded with Ric Abel in 2019.

Cat's work honours the cultural exploration of her roots in Northern England, and sensitively explores the hidden emotional sides of life.

She is currently exploring the edges of perception - the subtle places where all reality disappears - and working towards her next solo: After Dark in August to be held at the SHAC.