all about Ric Abel

Artist, Maverick

Founder of the SHAC, Ric Abel is a man of many styles. Rather than being pigeonholed into doing just one thing, he is an artist who reinvents himself in almost every body of new work. Throughout his oeuvre though, there are recurring subjects and themes, whether it's the perils of Mr Squiggle or the plight of the Cyberman, Ric travels through landscapes, skulls and quasi-cubist forays.

An artist and former restaurateur, Ric co-founded the Artichoke Gallery Cafe, a Bohemian-vibed restaurant & live music venue, with the primary aim to foster emerging local talent throughout the region, and which went on to become an institution in Manly NSW. The history of the venue included regular exhibitions of local artists, a broad range of art classes, art-themed corporate & fund raising events, and hosted over 3000 live gigs. It was also a film location for musician Jim Moginie (of Midnight Oil) directed by Robert Hambling; and rising star Iluka. Ric also produced Live at the Artichoke CDs to promote local musicians and many of the musicians also benefited by Ric's active promotion of their talent when they were hired for many outside private events. With all this history, it only seemed natural for Ric to conceive the SHAC.

Ric was a finalist in the 2013 Blake Prize as well as a finalist in the Archibald's Salon des Rufus├ęs.

Formerly represented by Maunsell Wickes, after being recommended to the distinguished Paddington gallery by John Olsen, Ric now prefers self representatation.