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Next to the Big Potato, Robertson NSW

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Mariana del Castillo - An Accomplice in Something Other Exhibition

A poignant response to the pressing issue of climate change. (13 Oct - 29 Oct)

Our New Mezzanine Level is Now Open

Ever wondered what's upstairs at Spud Lane? We've ditched the clutter and transformed the South mezzanine into a boutique exhibition space! (22 Sep - 29 Oct)

Cat Doyle - Bibliophilia Exhibition

Standing on the shoulders of Kerouac and Ginsberg: Portraits of literary giants. (5 - 27 Aug)

Sculpture's in the Air

We are thrilled to introduce sculpture to the new Spud Lane Annexe Gallery in a group curation featuring David Ball, Jimmy Rix, and Tony Twigg, amongst others. (14 -30 Jul)

Our Popup Annexe Gallery Launches

We are delighted to present our inaugural curation in the new Spud Lane Annexe Gallery! (10 Jun - 9 Jul)

George Gittoes - House of Art Curation

This curation features recently completed major pieces from Gittoes' work in war-torn Ukraine which are shown for the first time. (1 Apr - 4 Jun 2023)

Your Favourite Southern Highlands Open Studio Returns

After a long summer break, we're excited to welcome you back for 2023! (18 Feb - 26 Mar 2023)

Keith Looby - Dichotomy Exhibition

A rare exhibition featuring the paintings and drawings of influential artist and Archibald Prize winner Keith Looby. (27 Aug - 9 Oct 2022)

Looby Documentary With a Special Q&A

See LOOBY on the big screen at Bowral Empire, followed by Q&A with social historian Humphrey McQueen and artist Keith Looby. (24 Aug 2022)

Ric Abel - WTF Cubist Still Life Exhibition

With a sideways glance at French Cubism, Artist Ric Abel explores and reinterprets its Modernist aesthetic in these striking contemporary still life paintings. (2 - 24 Apr 2022)

Ric Abel - Colins and the Cats Exhibition

Colin is an inflatable fireman doing his best to stay inflated. This new body of work from Ric Abel is an inquiry into post-traumatic stress in our emergency services. (11 Dec 2021 - 31 Jan 2022)

Arts Trail - Open Studio plus 3 special events

Here at Spud Lane, we'll be hosting three mini-events including life drawing, a full body painting experience, and collaborative large-scale artwork with Ric. (7 - 15 Nov 2020)

Tony Twigg - Remains of Love Exhibition

Painstakingly crafted from enamel paint on timber, these sculptural artworks by Tony Twigg represent the exploration of love and its many facets. (2 Mar - 7 Apr 2019)

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