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We now offer ArtMoney

19 Mar 2022, Updated 23 June 2023

By Cat Doyle

Find an artwork you love. Pay over 10 monthly instalments interest-free.

We now accept ArtMoney

We are delighted to announce that we now offer payment plans for purchases of original art from Spud Lane Galleries priced between $500 and $100K. Designed to appeal to art collectors just as much as those buying their first piece of art, Art Money makes buying art easy.

How It Works

  1. You find an artwork you love here at Spud Lane and want to buy.
  2. You apply for credit with Art Money.
  3. You pay us a deposit of 10% (or more if you wish).
  4. You login to Art Money to finalise the purchase and we do the same.
  5. You can take your chosen artwork home after the exhibition ends. (We also offer an install & delivery service if you need it.)
  6. Payments are spread over the next 9 months - you pay the remaining balance to Art Money directly.
  7. Your art collection grows.

We pay ArtMoney a 10% commission for this service, which allows you to purchase the artwork interest-free. You get to take your artwork home sooner and the artist gets paid straightaway.

Want to know more? Reach out to Cat at Spud Lane Gallery on 0424 008 432, or take a look at the Art Money website.

Ready to dive in? Apply for Art Money

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