New Spud Lane Annexe Gallery Pops Onto the Southern Highlands Art Scene!

The Spudlane Annexe (a brand new) Southern Highlands Art Gallery


4 Jun 2023 by Spud Lane

Unveiling the Spud Lane Annexe: A New Art Destination in the Southern Highlands

Introducing "The Annexe," the latest addition to the Spud Lane family; our NEW pop up gallery is a dedicated exhibition space with lofty ambitions.

A Pop-Up Gallery with Panache

Spud Lane has always been about showcasing contemporary Australian art that'll blow your mind, and the new Annexe is no exception! Our goal is simple — we want to bring you the finest selection of artists, ranging from the seasoned pros to the up-and-coming stars that'll leave you saying, "Wow!" In a nutshell, we continue to make exceptional art accessible to Southern Highlands collectors.

Meet the Spud Lane team: Ric & Cat

Just in case we haven't met, let us introduce ourselves. We are professional artists with big dreams, and a track record of turning those dreams into reality. Ric's history includes co-founding the uber-cool Artichoke Gallery Café in Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches — which was a hub of amazing food, vibrant exhibitions, art classes, and live music galore. Whilst Cat made a sideways shift from software development to embrace the art world with open arms.

Inaugural Curation: A Feast for the Eyes

Inaugural Curation for the Annexe Gallery

Our inaugural exhibition is set to be a carefully curated selection of artwork from some fantastic artists. Brace yourselves for a feast for the eyes featuring the incredible Keith Looby, Tony Twigg, our very own co-founder Ric Abel, the legendary George Gittoes, Cat Doyle, and local art hero Carlos Barrios.

As our journey unfolds, we'll be shining a spotlight on sculpture in the second month. Get ready to be captivated by the works of renowned sculptors David Ball and Jimmy Rix, alongside the incredible local talent Lucinda McDonald. Over the six months, we also have plans for solo exhibitions and group curations to keep the gallery experience dynamic and ever-evolving.

Let's Get the Party Started!

We're throwing the doors wide open for our launch party on June 9th at 6pm! You're invited to soak up the artsy vibes, rub shoulders with fellow art lovers, and celebrate the magic of creativity with us. The next day from 10am, we're welcoming everyone to explore the gallery and immerse themselves in some truly special art.

So, there you have it — a sneak peek into The Spud Lane Annexe, your new art haunt in the Southern Highlands. With Cat, Ric, and a talented roster of artists leading the way, get ready to dive into the vibrant world of contemporary Australian art, share in the creative journey, and bring more art into your life.

Update 3rd December: After 6 glorious months, we are closing our popup to concentrate our efforts on the main Spud Lane gallery behind Highlands Hive. We would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to our exhibitors, visitors, neighbours and customers!


You can find Spud Lane galleries in Robertson — fast becoming the creative heart of the Southern Highlands — just a 2-hour drive from Sydney and Canberra and a short hop from Wollongong, Kiama, and Nowra.

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