Southern Highlands Arts Trail 2023

Arts Trail 2023 @ Spud Lane Studios

Robertson, Southern Highlands

4-5 Nov and 11-12 Nov 2023

Meet the Artists for a Transformative Experience

The artist's studio is where the true magic of artistry unfolds, a sacred space where creativity flows endlessly, experimentation thrives, and masterpieces come to life.

Spud Lane Art Studios Spud Lane Studios: Where we allow creativity to flow with a little warmth-infused craziness.

Step inside Spud Lane, and you'll find yourself irresistibly drawn to the art. It stirs something within you, eliciting questions about the artwork itself and your own inner musings.

If you've invested in art and adorned your homes with it, you understand the deepening connection that develops over time. It's akin to the maturation of a fine wine, where gazing upon your cherished piece triggers a surge of dopamine in your brain.

Engaging in a conversation with the artist elevates this connection to new heights. It allows you to dive deeper, faster, and further. Your emotional bond with the artwork expands as you interact with it, delving into its creation story. Your appreciation blossoms into something akin to infatuation.

Inside the studio, you'll find works on paper, pieces in progress, daring experiments, completed works awaiting framing, and brand-new creations. You'll also encounter unsold gems, for even the most celebrated artists sometimes have pieces returned unsold from exhibitions. These artworks might undergo transformation or re-emerge in future exhibitions, but in the meantime, they reside within the studio. Perhaps, among these hidden treasures, you'll discover an artwork that resonates with your soul.

We are thrilled to be taking part in this year's Southern Highlands Arts Trail, and can't wait to welcome you for a peek inside our creative lives.

— Ric Abel & Cat Doyle

Saturday 4 – Sunday 5 November 2023 AND
Saturday 11 – Sunday 12 November 2023

Spud Lane Studios: Unit 1, 74-76 Hoddle St, Robertson NSW 2577
(Find us next to the Big Potato - at the rear of Highlands Hive, Westside)
Saturday and Sunday, 10am–5pm

Artwork will be available for sale on the day.
We have EFTPOS facilities and ArtMoney is also available for larger purchases.

For all enquiries please contact

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